• 1972­- 1975: Voice training and correpetition at the Staatliche Jugendmusikschule Lahr.
  • Since 1994: Masterclasses with Peter Elkus (Paris, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Nice) private tuition with Katharina von Bülow.
  • Since 2012: Private tuition with Thomas Maxeiner.


  • Lieder evenings and chambermusic amoungst others at the 'Atelier des Arts' Paris, 'RAUM' Hamburg and 'MHC' Hamburg.
  • Production at 'Eigenarten Festival' Kampnagel, Hamburg, HH1 Recording.
  • ­Since 2009: Concerts (50­ - 70 per year) on behalf of the 'Internationale Stiftung zur Förderung von Kultur und Zivilisation' Munich, in schools and old people residences.

Teaching experience

  • ­Since 2007: Voice Training for Private students.
  • Training Students on behalf of the 'Hyderabad Western Music Foundation', India (2014).
  • Voice training for children on behalf of the 'Internationale Stiftung zur Förderung von Kultur und Zivilisation'.
  • Masterclass and Workshop on behalf of 'Harmony', Banglore, India.

My aim in teaching is to develop the natural and unique beauty of the very voice. In order to achieve this, I am working with the principles of the ‘Funktional Voice Training’ developed by Cornelius Reid, which I experienced as an effective and clear way to achieve that goal.


Ramya Smita, Student

The few learning sessions on western classical vocal techniques I had with Astrid have been an opening to an entirely new world of music for me. Coming from an entirely different background in music and culture, western classical music did overwhelm me at first. Although I had only 12 hours of teaching sessions from her, every minute was invaluable. Her instructions are very precise, incredibly easy to understand and can be visually understood as well, which for singers can be very difficult since we can not see our vocal chords. I think I had an excellent opportunity to learn and am eagerly looking forward to more sessions from her.

G.M., Student

Having appreciated singing instructions in the US before, the three months I had worked with Astrid were really good training for my voice. She taught me also the joyfulness of singing and I could sing with a 'smile'. As I am preparing the ABRSM exams, I learned at the same time to work towards a goal.