• 1984­ - 86: Student at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg in a program for young students.
  • Since 1986: viola studies and diploma at Hochschule der Künste, Berlin with Wolfram Christ.
  • Studies at School of Music, Houston.
  • Performance diploma at Indiana University, Bloomington, US with Atar Arad.
  • Soloist diploma at Hochschule für Musik and Theater, Hamburg with Hirofumi Fukai.

Awards and Stipends

  • ­ Winner of the german/austrian competition GEDOK.
  • ­ Stipend of the Wagner Society Hamburg.
  • Scholarship and fellowship of Rice University and Indiana University.
  • Stipend of the Landesstiftung Baden Würtemberg.

Concerts and Professional Experience

  • Recording Chamber music for RIAS Berlin and Radio France.
  • Performing chamber music at the Festival Aix­-en-­Provence.
  • ­Soloist with the German Chamber Orchestra and the Hamburg Symphony.
  • Concerts as duo Violin/Viola and Piano with Henning Lucius, Matthias Veit and others at the Modern Arts Museum Nice and Theater Antibes, Elmau Castle, Fürth Castle, at 'Klassik auf dem Lande' Niedersachsen and others.
  • Since 2009: Concerts for 'Internationale Stiftung zur Förderung von Kultur und Zivilisation' in schools and old people residences.
  • 1997­- 2012: Member of the ensemble 'Alleetheater' Hamburg, Violin/Viola.
  • Substitute German Symphony Orchestra,Berlin.­
  • Member European Community Orchestra, European Opera, Festival Orchestras Luzern and Aix­-en-Provence, Radio Orchestra Hilversum.
  • Internship at Philharmonic Orchestra Hamburg.

Teaching Experience

  • 1987 - 1990: Musicschool Steglitz, Berlin.
  • 1996­ - 2013: Teaching Violin/Viola at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Hamburg.
  • 1998 - 1999: Antroposophisches Institut, Hamburg.
  • 2006 - 2010: Staatliche Jugendmusikschule, Hamburg.


Claudio Abbado, Conductor

Astrid Mascher (Müller) is a distinguished, reliable musician, who I can recommend very much for all kind of promotion and support.

Vladimir Ashkenazy, Pianist and Conductor

I worked with Astrid Mascher as pricipal of the viola section and found her a first class professional player­ very reliable and accomplished.

Atar Arad - Prof. of Music; School of Music - Indiana Unversity

Mrs.Mascher is a student in my viola class at the music school of Indiana University,Bloomington. She is a fine musician and an able instrumentalist. Her playing is imaginative, artistic, stylistic and thoughtful. Her technical standard is high. Her sound is warm and, when needed colourful. In addition Astrid is gifted with a very good feel for the stage. As Astrid has always delighted me with her friendly, honest nature and in many occasions she showed herself to be a loyal and helpful colleague.

Mimi Zweig, Prof. for Violin Pedagogy; Indiana Unversity - School of Music

Astrid Mascher was a student in my pedagogy courses and was an assistant teacher. She did excellent work to assimilate the material in her teaching. She has the ability to identify problems, the knowledge to solve problems and is able to demonstrate on a high level. As a person she is intelligent, patient, kind and responsible.