- The Song in all Things -

“Music is the most wonderful present that was given to us to enlighten and help to understand our world”

Body Work for Musicians

Often instrumentalists work under most challenging conditions and through the years problems possibly become manifest. Here as well, my aim is to show ways to find one's way back to a natural source, be it for the job, towards the instrument or with the body.


In singing the naturalness of the voice is of first importance to me. I am teaching and singing on the basis of the ``functional voice training `` of Cornelius Reid, which was developed in close relationship to the italian art of bel canto. This naturalness of functioning not only helps to develop a free and individual voice, but at the same time increases the health and durability of the voice.


As a performer as violinist and singer it is my aim to reach the audience by the beauty of the music itself. For occasions like private house concerts, music for festivities, moderated concerts in schools or religious spiritual happenings I can individually shape the program and ensembles according to your needs. I also offer violin lessons both personally and over internet.