• 2003­ - 2010: Training in Biodynamic Body Therapy, Gerda Boyesen, and an internship in a practice in Hamburg, Altona.
  • Since 2012: Therapeutic work with single clients, as well as with pairs in a team with Ken Speyer.
  • 2013: Assistant for a body therapy group.
  • Workshops with Barry Green, Cincinatti; ``Inner Game of Music``.
  • Instructions in Alexander Technique with Daniel Süßtrunk, Munich,
    Yechezkel Einshay, Basel and Pearl Ausbel, NewYork, Juilliard School.

My own way as a professional musician did lead me through many different approaches to the instrument and the voice. So it is an urge for me to help others, be it concerning body and posture or concerning inner matters, especially professional musicians, to help them find new ways, to explore these ways and accompany the changes. Because of my different trainings and experiences I am able to recognize a wide spectrum of problems and can offer help to specific wishes and to changing needs.


Ken Speyer, Therapist and Trainer

Working with Frau Müller I have come to appreciate the acuity, surprising accuracy and depth of her therapeutic interventions.

Lydia H.

I broke off studying violin professionally, as among other reasons, for many years I could not get rid of my back pains. In all these years I tried many things: different doctors, physiotherapists, violin teachers, but nevertheless I never got to the bottom of it. Astrid has a very different approach, to see behind things and to analyze movement patterns. She showed me how to rearrange body patterns in playing, and how to be able to express myself on the violin in a very different way. Meanwhile I am a doctor and still try to play as much as possible. The theme is still present, but thanks to her I have new tools when old habits try to sneak back.

Doris G., Therapist

Astrid has been supporting my violin playing and my personal development for years now. I am astonished again and again how effortlessly she is able to connect one with the other. Her professional competence as musician and as therapist join each other in her sensitivity and her subtle hearing of sound and expression. She has the ability, the experience and and the expertise to perceive how vibrations originate in the depths of the instrument as well as in me as a person. And she knows the paths I can follow, through technique as well as humanly, to develop my personal tone and my ability to be expressive, and this is an exceptional endowment.